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Article: Cat Jump Platform Materials and Materials Selection Guide


Cat Jump Platform Materials and Materials Selection Guide

In the pet market, cat jumping platforms are one of the indispensable choices for cat owners. Cat jumps not only provide space for your cat to climb and play, but also serve as a place for them to rest and relax.

However, there are various materials and materials for cat jumping platforms on the market. How to choose a suitable and safe cat jumping platform has become a puzzle for many cat owners. In this article, we will discuss the different cat jump materials and materials available and provide purchasing advice so you can choose the best cat jump for your furry child.

Quick comparison table

Material/Material Features advantage shortcoming
solid wood

- Usually hardwoods such as oak, walnut etc. are used

- Premium texture, natural look

- Durable

- Suitable for scratching

- Added a high-end feel to the cat jumping platform

- The cost is relatively high

- Heavy weight and difficult to move

- Requires regular maintenance

Non-solid wood (such as plywood)

- Relatively lightweight

- Cat jumps commonly used in commercial production

- relatively cheap

- Lightweight, easy to move and install

- Not as durable as solid wood

- Some types may have a chemical smell

Carpet or furniture fabric - Various colors and styles to choose from

- Provides soft texture

- Good scratching surface

- Provides grip for crawling

- Easy to accumulate pet hair

- Difficulty cleaning certain stains

hemp rope

- Typically used for scraping posts

- Environmentally friendly materials

- Durable

- Has a natural texture that attracts cats to scratch and rub

- May become loose or worn over time
PVC or plastic

- Full of modern feel

- Excellent water resistance

- lightweight

- Easy to clean

- Resistant to moisture or stains

- May not be stable enough

- May become deformed after prolonged exposure to sunlight

corrugated cardboard -Lightweight with contoured mid-layer

- relatively cheap

- Lightweight for temporary or removable cat jumps

- Not as durable as other materials

- susceptible to moisture

Cat jumping platform design materials

Wooden :

  • Solid wood board : Solid wood board is a common and durable material that provides good support and stability, and is also easier to clean and maintain. We have a dedicated article explaining the solid wood material of cat jumping platforms.
  • Dense board : Dense board is made of pressed wood chips. Compared with solid wood, its stability and durability are poor. Some cat jumping platforms on the market may use dense boards to reduce costs, but dense boards are prone to surface damage due to cats’ scratching and biting.
  • Wood chip compression board : Similar to dense board, wood chip compression board is also made of wood chips. Its disadvantage is that it is easy to absorb moisture, expand and deform, and has a short service life.

Cloth quality :

  • Velvet : Velvet is a common material on cat jumping platforms. It is soft and comfortable and very popular with cats. However, velvet cloth is not easy to clean, especially cat hair is easy to adhere to it.

Other material :

  • Corrugated paper : Corrugated is another material that may be used on cat jumping platforms, but there is less information about it .

Cylinder material:

  • Including corrugated tubes, wooden posts and plastic tubes. The advantages of plastic pipes are that they are waterproof, heavy-duty and recyclable.
  • Hemp rope: It is divided into jute rope and jute rope. Jute rope is soft and does not shed crumbs, and is loved by cats.

Plate component materials for non-solid wood cat jumping platforms

Introduction to plate material

  • Lining material : Most commercially available cat jumping platforms use lining materials with Dense board, sawdust compressed board or sugar cane board, this kind of material is easy to absorb moisture and deform, and has a short service life.
  • Edge sealing ( If the material is not solid wood, edge sealing is required ): Thin edge sealing strips are generally used to modify the cut surface of the board, but this material is easy to cut and fall off.
  • Skin-to-skin ( If it is not a solid wood material, it needs to be veneered ) : Most of them use polyvene. Although it is cheap, it is prone to breakage after use and has a bad smell. It is recommended that solid wood is better .

our suggestion

Among the many cat jumping platform material choices, we strongly recommend choosing solid wood as the main material of the cat jumping platform. The reasons are as follows:

Durable and Stable : The solid wood cat jumping platform has excellent durability and stability, providing your cat with a safe and reliable climbing and resting space. Compared with other materials such as dense board or wood chip compression board, solid wood undoubtedly has a longer service life and better load-bearing capacity.

Texture and beauty : The texture and natural appearance of solid wood can add a sense of high-end and warmth to the home environment. Choosing a cat jump made of hardwoods such as oak or walnut will not only be enjoyable for your cat, but it can also become a bright spot in your home.

Suitable for scratching : The solid wood surface is suitable for cats to scratch and scratch. It can satisfy cats' natural scratching instinct and help keep their claws healthy.

Easy to clean and maintain : Compared with cloth materials, the surface of solid wood is easier to clean and maintain. Regular wiping is all it takes to keep the cat jump clean and trendy.

Environmentally friendly : Solid wood is a natural and renewable material. Choosing a solid wood cat jumping platform is also a contribution to environmental protection.

    Although the cost of a solid wood cat jumping platform may be relatively high, and it is heavy and difficult to move, considering its durability, beauty and practicality, investing in a solid wood cat jumping platform is undoubtedly worth it. Under long-term use, the cost performance of solid wood cat jumping platforms will be much higher than that of cat jumping platforms made of other materials. At the same time, for the health and safety of your cat, it is a very wise choice to choose a high-quality solid wood cat jumping platform.



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