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Article: Cat Jump Recommendation: Compilation of opinions on Dcard


Cat Jump Recommendation: Compilation of opinions on Dcard

Among the dazzling selection of cat jumping platforms on the market, it is not easy to find a cat jumping platform with satisfactory quality, design and price. Therefore, many cat owners will do some research before purchasing and look for recommendations and experience sharing from other cat owners.

In this process, Dcard, as a community that gathers many pet lovers, has naturally become a good place for everyone to exchange opinions. This article hopes to sort out and summarize the recommendations and opinions of users on Dcard about cat jumping platforms , and provide a reference direction to help them find the most suitable cat jumping platform for their cats among the many choices.

In the following content, we will explore different types and brands of cat jumping platforms, and compare and analyze them from many aspects such as price, material and function, in order to provide the most comprehensive buying guide.

Focused collection of opinions on Dcard

  • Understanding of furniture quality :

    • Some students have worked in a furniture store and understand that solid wood furniture is better.
  • Cat Jump Material Preferences :

    • Most cat jumping platforms of choice are solid wood, or at least won’t wobble.
  • market research :

    After checking on the Shopee platform, I found that most of them are wood grain veneer rather than solid wood.
    • Some sellers claim to be shipped from Taiwan, but they may be imported from Taobao.
  • Cat Jump Design and Functions :

    • Many people recommend the upright cat jumping platform. It has two joints and is relatively stable, but its design is relatively simple and lacks hiding space.
  • Price and quality :

    • I found that the price of cat jumping platforms on the market in Taiwan is relatively high, usually over 10,000 yuan, and the prices on Shopee are mostly above 6,000 yuan.
    • Cheap cat jumps are of poor quality and tend to shake, but some people choose to buy them because they are cheap.
    • It is mentioned that you get what you pay for, emphasizing the relationship between price and quality.
  • Buying advice :

    • It is not recommended to buy a cat jump with fur as it is difficult to clean and is too short for cats.
    • A 70-90 cm cat jumping platform is not practical. If you have a limited budget, it is recommended to purchase at least a 150 cm cat jumping platform.
    • Please be reminded that cat jumping platforms are also consumables. If they are not of good quality, they will break easily. Wooden cat jumping platforms are more durable and easy to clean.

    Dcard eligible cat jumping platform

    Compare items

    LOVE PET FAMILY's Cat Jump

    Hug Hug cat jumping platform


    TWD $7,200 to TWD $14,580​​

    Flagship model: TWD $25,110; Standard model: TWD $10,600​


    All are solid wood

    PP plastic (polypropylene, polypropylene), mentions the option of solid wood walkways


    Some are designed with four floors, and some contain space capsules​​

    Upright design, flexible adjustment, extremely stable and heavy-duty​​

    LOVE PET FAMILY’s cat jumping platform ( official website link🔗 )

    Hug Hug Cat Jumping Platform ( Official website link🔗 )

    As can be seen from the above comparison, the two cat jumping platform products have their own characteristics and advantages. Which product to choose may need to be decided based on your personal needs and budget.

    How to choose a cat jumping platform?

    Finally, when choosing a cat jumping platform, first consider the material, such as solid wood, which is more durable and stable. Secondly, consider functionality and design, such as a multi-level design or a floor-to-ceiling structure that provides more play space and stability. Furthermore, depending on the budget, price and quality are often directly proportional. Investing in a higher-priced cat jumping platform may result in better quality and user experience.

    Finally, consider the size and ease of cleaning of the cat jump to make sure it fits your living space and is easy to maintain. To sum up:

    1. Material : Materials such as solid wood are more durable and stable.
    2. Function and design : Such as multi-layer design or ceiling-to-ceiling structure to provide space for cats to play and rest.
    3. Price : Choose based on budget, but usually price is directly proportional to quality.
    4. Size : Make sure the cat jump is the right size for your living space.
    5. Cleaning and Maintenance : Choose models that are easy to clean and maintain to maintain a hygienic environment.
    6. Cat’s Preferences and Needs : Consider whether your cat likes to climb or prefers secluded spaces.



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