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Article: 😼 From Shopee, Dcard, mybest, the most comprehensive cat jumping platform recommendations


😼 From Shopee, Dcard, mybest, the most comprehensive cat jumping platform recommendations

In order to provide a safe, comfortable and interesting play space for cats, choosing a suitable cat jumping platform has become an important task for many cat owners. However, the dazzling array of cat jumps on the market makes the choice difficult. How should you choose one to meet the needs of your furry child and ensure its safety?

This article brings together practical suggestions from mybest, Shopee and Dcard, aiming to help readers comprehensively consider materials, design, price and other aspects. By discussing the different types of cat jumps, such as upright and overhead types, as well as key points such as material selection, paint safety, and height design of cat jumps, readers will be able to better understand how to choose a cat jump that meets the needs of their own cats.

At the same time, this article also provides purchasing suggestions so that readers can make wise choices when faced with cat jumping platforms of different prices and qualities on the market.

Cat jumping platform recommendations from mybest:

  • Upright type: high stability and easy to move, but you must pay attention to the "base thickness" and "number of pillars"
  • Standing tall: suitable for "petite cats" who like to climb heights
  • The hemp rope material that also functions as a cat scratching post is more convenient
  • "Step design" suitable for mature cats, with anti-slip and anti-fall edge design is better
  • The convenience of cleaning and maintenance depends on the "location of the nest" and "availability of replaceable parts"
  • Refer to product reviews to confirm the ease of assembly.

Cat jumping platform recommendations from Shopee:

1. Material :

  • It is better to choose solid wood and avoid using dense boards or boards with edge sealing, because cats like to scratch and bite, which can easily cause surface damage.
  • Some cat jumps have fluffy fabric, but they are difficult to clean. If you like the furry feeling, you can place a removable small blanket for easy cleaning.

2. Paint :

  • It is safer to choose water-based paint that does not contain heavy metals and formaldehyde. Latex paint is more recommended because of its fine texture and matte feel.
  • Consider choosing paints with the "Green Building Materials" label that have been tested and certified, as they are better for the health of humans and cats and the environment.

3. Height :

  • Observe how high your cat can jump and choose the appropriate jumping platform height based on his or her personality and abilities.
  • For older cats or cats who like to climb high, you can consider installing a slope covered with hemp ropes on the jumping platform to increase safety and play fun.

Cat jumping recommendations from Dcard:

  1. Furniture quality awareness :
    • Solid wood furniture was considered a better choice, which I learned due to my classmate’s experience working in a furniture store.
  2. Cat jumping platform material preference :
    • Mainly prefer cat jumping platforms made of solid wood, or at least choose ones with a stable structure that won’t shake.
  3. market research :
    • The cat jumping platforms on the Shopee platform are mostly made of wood grain veneer, not solid wood.
    • Some sellers claim to be shipped from Taiwan, but they may actually be imported from Taobao.
  4. Cat jumping platform design and functions :
    • The top-to-ground cat jumping platform is recommended because it has two joints and is relatively stable, but the design is simple and lacks hiding space.
  5. Price and quality :
    • The price of cat jumping platforms on the market in Taiwan is relatively high, usually more than 10,000 yuan, and the prices on Shopee are also more than 6,000 yuan.
    • Low-priced cat jumps are of poor quality and prone to shaking, but they are favored by some people because they are cheap.
    • Emphasizing "you get what you pay for" shows the relationship between price and quality.
  6. Buying advice :
    • It is not recommended to purchase a cat jump with fur as it is difficult to clean and is too short for cats.
    • Cat jumping platforms with a height of 70-90 cm are not very practical. If you have a limited budget, it is recommended to purchase a cat jumping platform with a height of at least 150 cm.
    • Remember that cat jumping platforms are consumables. Low-quality cat jumping platforms are easy to break, while wooden cat jumping platforms are more durable and easy to clean.

Different types of cat jumps

Features Upright cat jumping platform Upright cat jumping platform Staircase Cat Jump
structure Single or multi-column design Multi-layer structures, usually fixed to the ceiling Multi-layer, layer-by-layer design
stability Medium, the thickness of the base and the number of pillars affect stability High, with two fixed points for support Usually tall, with a large base area and good support
Mobility Tall, relatively light and easy to move Low, fixed installation, not easy to move , depending on design and size
Applicable scene Small house, limited space Large home for cats who love to climb All types of dwellings, especially multi-cat households
Cat play fun Average, usually limited play features high, offering multi-level climbing and adventure opportunities High, multi-level play and seating areas
how to choose - Check base thickness and number of posts to ensure stability - Consider your cat's size and activity level - Measure the height of the space to ensure it can be installed securely - Consider your cat’s preference for climbing and exploring - Consider your cat's age and mobility - Make sure the distance between steps is suitable for your cat to climb

Materials and safety of cat jumping platform

We have specially written an article detailing the materials and safety of cat jumping platforms, please see here.

Quick comparison table

Material/Material Features advantage shortcoming
solid wood - Typically used are hardwoods such as oak, walnut, etc. - Premium texture, natural look - Strong and durable - Suitable for scratching - Increases the high-end feel of the cat jumping platform - Relatively high cost - Heavy weight and difficult to move - Requires regular maintenance
Non-solid wood (such as plywood) - Relatively lightweight - commonly used in commercial production of cat jumps - Relatively cheap - Lightweight and easy to move and install - Not as durable as solid wood - Some types may have a chemical smell
Carpet or furniture fabric - Various colors and styles to choose from - Provides soft texture - Good gripping surface - Provides crawling grip - Can easily accumulate pet hair - Can be difficult to clean certain stains
hemp rope - Usually used for scratching posts - environmentally friendly material - Durable - has a natural texture that attracts cats to scratch - May become loose or worn over time
PVC or plastic - Full of modern feel - Excellent water resistance - Lightweight - Easy to clean - Resistant to moisture or stains - May not be stable enough - May deform after prolonged exposure
corrugated cardboard -Lightweight with contoured mid-layer - Relatively cheap - lightweight and suitable for temporary or removable cat jumps - Not as durable as other materials - Easily affected by moisture

Design and function of cat jumping platform

A hiding space can provide your cat with a safe and comfortable place to hide when they feel nervous or scared. Designs such as ladders and hammocks can meet cats’ needs for exploration and play, and help keep them active and healthy.

To choose a cat jumping platform that suits your cat’s personality and needs, you must first observe your cat’s daily behavior and preferences. For example, active and curious cats may prefer a cat jump with a multi-level design and hammock, while a shy or quiet cat may prefer a design with hiding spaces.

Purchase recommendations

The following cat jumping platforms are all made of solid wood and have a variety of designs and functions. They are in line with the opinions of the Internet and are good choices we recommend:

Meoooow cat jumping platform climbing frame|Solid wood|Tsutaya|Fourth floor including space capsule

The features of this cat jumping platform are as follows:

  1. Solid wood material : According to the recommendations of mybest and Dcard, the cat jumping platform made of solid wood is more stable and less likely to cause surface damage.
  2. Four-layer design : suitable for cats to climb and play, and there is a space capsule on the top, which increases the fun of cats' play.
  3. High stability : According to mybest’s recommendations, the upright cat jumping platform has high stability and is easy to move.

The brand's cat jumps are designed by Italian and Japanese designers, and they emphasize that the quality of their furniture design exceeds what ordinary people insist on, and you can expect both quality and design to be superior.

Canadian PAPUK cat jumping platform|Solid wood|Connect Tree

The features of this cat jumping platform are as follows:

  1. Solid wood material : According to the recommendations of mybest, Shopee and Dcard, the cat jumping platform made of solid wood is more stable and less likely to cause surface damage.
  2. Upright design : According to mybest’s recommendations, the upright cat jumping platform has high stability and is easy to move.
  3. Height : The height of this cat jumping platform is moderate, suitable for cats to climb and play.
  4. Brand background : Vazken Karageozian, the founder of PAPUK, is a top interior designer who has designed a variety of customized furniture for high-end luxury projects, always integrating functionality and style.

This brand of cat jumps are designed by experienced interior designers, so you can expect the quality and design to be top-notch.

Indomitable style

Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform climbing frame|Top solid wood|Including space capsule

This Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform is a standing cat jumping platform that can save space and has the following features:

  1. Adjustable height : divided into four-layer (height 160-210 cm), five-layer (height 211-270 cm), and six-layer (height 271-320 cm) designs to adapt to different indoor spaces.
  2. Stable structure : ensures the safety of cats when climbing and jumping.
  3. Space capsule included : Provides a fun space for cats to rest and observe.
  4. Simple design : blends into the home environment, suitable for modern interior decoration.
  5. Easy to assemble : Provides required components and guides, no need to drill holes in the wall, convenient for users to assemble by themselves.

Overcoming the shortcomings of cat jumping platform

The advantage of this product is that it is made of stable and durable synthetic solid wood material , which is in sharp contrast to the cheap, easy-to-deform cat jumps made of paper tubes or plastic tubes commonly found on the market. This design not only improves the stability and load-bearing capacity of the product, but also maintains its structural integrity for a long time, preventing cats from using it due to shaking or abnormal noises.

In addition, its non-spring retractable design further enhances stability and safety , making this cat jump a long-term and environmentally friendly home choice.

Not only does it provide a space suitable for cats to climb and rest, but its simple design style can also be easily integrated into various home environments. Coupled with its adjustable height and sturdy structure, this cat jumping platform can meet the needs of cats of different sizes and mobility, making it an ideal choice.




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