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Brand story

LOVE PET FAMILY was founded from a blue-eyed white cat and its owner who loved the cat deeply.

In the spring of 2023, when the epidemic gradually eases, After thinking for a long time, I made up my mind to adopt OLAF, a white cat retired from the cattery. Finally, my long-cherished wish came true. I met him on the first day. When I was at OLAF , I fell in love with him at first sight. He was so cute, with a calm personality, but very close to me. From the time we met and became family, there was almost no adjustment period. The first day of OLAF , and every day thereafter, OLAF expresses satisfaction through purring and tapping, which melts my heart and indirectly heals me from the lowest moments in my life. He is like a little angel, a gift from life to me. os can seem like a little devil sometimes, but I love him too.

Although OLAF always expresses happiness and freedom with implicit enthusiasm, but with poor immunity, constant ailments, and a face that seems to be born with no love, in order to make her OLAF is healthier and happier. I began to invest more time in researching how to take care of fur babies, looking for a variety of healthy and natural foods, practical and high-quality products. In the process, I found many good products, which are not widely known, or the shopping process is not smooth. Convenient, so I decided to create this platform, hoping that OLAF can have healthier and happier cats. At the same time, we also hope to share many great products and pet-raising knowledge worth learning with owners who love fur babies like me. I hope that everyone can enjoy safer and higher-quality cats. Choose and easily have a healthy and happy pet-raising life.

grateful OLAF exists in my life and allows me to experience the flow of love. To me, he is not a pet, he is family.


Sincerely wish all fur babies and their families good health and happiness

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