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Article: (2024 recommendation) 3 solid wood cat jumping platforms: perfectly built using different logs and solid wood


(2024 recommendation) 3 solid wood cat jumping platforms: perfectly built using different logs and solid wood

Choosing real wood to design a cat jumping platform can ensure safety, increase durability and enhance the texture of the space, making it more cost-effective in the long run. The natural texture of wood is not only beautiful, but also makes cats feel comfortable and close to nature.

High-quality wood provides solid support, solving the problem of unstable cat jumping platforms and allowing cats to jump freely without worrying about falling. Through careful design, a cat jumping platform that is both safe and durable can be created to achieve a long-term return on investment and satisfy cat lovers’ desire to create a comfortable and high-quality play space for their beloved fur children.

Recommended solid wood cat jumping platform

New Zealand pine: Meoooow cat jumping platform|Solid wood marble|Andromeda

(The base is made of marble, which is particularly stable)

With its unique marble texture design and sturdy structure, this cat tree provides the perfect climbing and resting space for your large cats. Equipped with multi-level platforms, comfortable hammocks and fun hanging toys, it's guaranteed to satisfy your cat's curiosity and activity.

Oak: Japan KARIMOKU Cat Tree cat jumping platform|Solid wood|Light gray & oak wood color

This Japanese-made cat tree combines modern aesthetics with quality craftsmanship. Its unique light gray and natural oak tones add a touch of elegance to your home. The design takes into account the comfort and activity needs of cats, providing a stable climbing structure and a soft resting platform. Additionally, every part of the cat tree is replaceable, ensuring long-lasting use.

Walnut: Japan KARIMOKU Cat Tree cat jumping platform|Solid wood|Beige & walnut wood color

With its elegant beige and walnut wood color combination, this cat tree adds a modern feel and natural beauty to your home. The design with a height of 124 centimeters is not only suitable for cats of all ages, but its triangular base also ensures efficient use of space, making it a perfect fit no matter where it is placed in the room. The cat scratching post is made of cotton rope to increase durability, while the water-repellent processing and embossed processing on the surface of the steps make cleaning and grasping easier.

Solid Wood Cat Jump: Sturdy and Durable

Solid wood cat jumping platforms are characterized by their sturdiness, good texture and durability . The use of hardwood materials such as oak and walnut not only looks more high-end, but its structure is also strong enough to support playful cats, greatly reducing the instability of the platform.

Log cat jumping platform: closer to nature

If you want to bring your cat an experience closer to nature, you can consider using a log cat jumping platform . This design retains the original texture of the wood, making each jump a unique work of art. The solidity of the logs can also effectively prevent the platform from shaking.

Popularity of Wooden Cat Jump in PTT

For many cat lovers, the solid wood cat jumping platform PTT is a great place to search for inspiration. From the numerous threads, we can see the popularity of wooden jumping platforms. Whether it is a woodworking cat jumping platform or a DIY wooden jumping platform, you can find a wealth of information and reviews on PTT.

Benefits of Wood: The Best Choice for Cats

Choosing a wooden cat jumping platform is not only because of its beauty, but also because of the benefits of wood to cats. Wood absorbs your cat's body odor, making your cat feel closer to you. In addition, the wooden texture has a certain wear effect on the cat's claws and can help maintain the cat's claws.

Solid wood cat jumping platform

Introduction to material of cat jumping platform board

When you are in the market for a suitable cat jumping platform, it is important to know what the board material of the jumping platform is. The following will introduce several materials you may encounter, and provide a simple comparison table to help you make a better choice.

General pine

A common material on the market. It has an excellent texture and is widely used in making furniture. Different board treatments will affect its texture and sturdiness, so prices will vary.

Paulownia or fir ("pine solid wood jumping platform")

Some sellers may describe paulownia or fir jumping platforms as "pine solid wood jumping platforms", which are cheap wooden cat jumping platforms commonly found on e-commerce platforms .

They have a wider grain, unlike real pine. However, this wood is of poor quality, so some so-called "solid pine jumps" may collapse . ( Information reference source )

new zealand pine

This type of pine grows in the specific climate and soil of New Zealand, so its properties are different from ordinary pine. It is generally stronger, more durable, and has a better texture.


Oak is a very durable and fine-looking wood. Its hardness and texture make it ideal for furniture and flooring. For a cat jump, it provides great support and longevity.


Walnut is known for its rich color and unique grain. This wood is more expensive, but its beauty and durability make it a top choice for high-end furniture.

Cat jumping platform plank material comparison table:

Material Features shortcoming
General pine

- Good texture

- Strong (straight grain)

- Soft texture (string cut)

- Easily scratched by cats


- lightweight

- Low transportation costs

- Not real pine

- Weak and may collapse

new zealand pine

- Excellent texture

- Stronger and more durable

- higher price

- Very durable

- Excellent texture

- higher price

- Beautiful texture

- High durability

- More expensive

Solid wood cat jumping platform

How to solve the problem of unstable cat jumping platform?

Choosing the right wood is only the first step. To ensure the stability of the cat jumping platform wood , you need to consider the following points:

  • Base design : Choosing heavier wood, stone or adding a steel base can improve the stability of the platform.
  • Structural configuration : The height and distribution of the jumping platform are even to avoid unstable center of gravity.
  • Cat jumping platform material: Compared with sandwich boards, cat jumping platforms made of solid wood are usually particularly stable.
  • Fixing method : Consider using clips or rivets to ensure that each level of the platform is secure.

When purchasing a cat jumping platform, whether you choose a solid wood cat climbing frame, a log design, or a jumping platform made of other wood materials, you can consider the materials mentioned above according to your budget and preferences. The most important thing is to ensure its stability and safety. . It’s definitely worth investing in a high-quality wooden jumping platform for your cat.



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