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Article: Let the cat fly! Complete Guide to Cat Jump Installation and Assembly


Let the cat fly! Complete Guide to Cat Jump Installation and Assembly

For cat lovers, the cat jumping platform is not only a home decoration, but also the best playmate for cats. Providing a space for your cat to climb and jump freely will not only exercise its physical fitness, but also satisfy its curiosity. This article will provide you with a complete guide to the installation and assembly of cat jumping platforms. From complex installations to simple or even installation-free cat jumping platforms, we will introduce and recommend them in detail!

Cat jumping platform benefits

  • Exercise : The cat jumping platform allows cats to jump freely, exercise and strengthen their muscles.
  • Reduce disruption : Providing space to climb can reduce the disruption cats cause elsewhere in the home.
  • Provide a sense of security : The height of the jumping platform allows cats to have a good place to observe the environment and provides a sense of security.

Considerations before preparing for installation

  • Space Size : Consider the amount of space in your home to choose the right cat jumping platform.
  • Age and activity level of cat : Younger or more active cats may require a more stable and versatile jumping platform.
  • Design style : Choose the corresponding design and color according to the decoration style of your home.

Types of cat jumps

Complex installation cat jumps : These are usually larger and need to be fixed to the wall or ceiling. Suitable for families who have more space for activities and want to use it for a long time.

Easy-to-install cat jump : This type of cat jump requires only a small amount of assembly, such as splicing a few parts or tightening screws. Common ones, such as floor-type cat jumps, are mostly already assembled and only need to fix a few parts.

Installation-free cat jump : This is the most convenient one and works right out of the box. This kind of jumping platform is usually small, suitable for small spaces or cat owners who don’t want to spend too much time on installation.


    Features/Evaluation Items Complex installation of cat jumps Easy to install cat jumping platform Installation-free cat jumping platform
    main feature Large, multifunctional, needs to be fixed to the wall or ceiling Partially pre-assembled, a few parts need to be fixed Small, ready to use right out of the box
    installation time longer medium No need
    stability High (if installed correctly) medium low to medium
    Suitable for space Large space Small and medium space small space
    Suitable Multiple cats or active cats Average family Kittens or older cats
    price higher medium lower
    advantage Many functions, high stability, long-term use Easy to install and suitable for general needs Low cost, suitable for temporary or small space use
    shortcoming Complex installation, high price, and takes up a lot of space Average stability, may have fewer features Low stability and may not withstand heavy cats or use by multiple cats
    Example products MYZOO cat jumping platform Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform

    Suction cup cat jumping platform


    General and complex cat jumping platform installation steps

    Required tools and materials

    • electric drill
    • screwdriver
    • Protractor or level
    • installation instruction
    • Cat jumping platform assembly

    installation steps

    1. Confirm components : After unpacking, first confirm whether all parts are complete.
    2. Choose an installation location : Choose a location away from water sources and with a flat ground.
    3. Mark the mounting points : According to the installation instructions, mark the locations where the holes will be drilled.
    4. Drill and secure : Using an electric drill, drill holes at the marks and secure the assembly with screws.
    5. Assemble all parts : According to the instructions, assemble all parts and ensure that each interface is tight.

    Safety and maintenance

    • Regular inspection : Check if the screws are loose once a month and make sure the components are stable.
    • Cleaning : Wipe regularly with a microfiber cloth to keep it clean.
    • Avoid heavy objects : Overly heavy objects should not be placed on the cat jumping platform to avoid instability or damage.

    Whether it is a complex installation, a simple installation, or a installation-free cat jumping platform, it is most important to choose a style that suits your home environment and your cat's personality. By following this guide, you can easily create the perfect play paradise for your cat!



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