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Article: Cat Jump Purchase Q&A: Comprehensive understanding of your pet’s needs


Cat Jump Purchase Q&A: Comprehensive understanding of your pet’s needs

For cat owners, the cat jumping platform is not only a pet toy, but also meets the needs of cats for activities and rest. The following are some frequently asked questions about cat jumping platforms, hoping to provide you with reference for purchase and use.

1. Can the cat jumping platform be washed?

Most cat jumping platforms are not recommended to be washed directly. Because its material absorbs water easily and dries slowly, prolonged moisture may lead to mold growth. If cleaning is required, it is recommended to use a dry cloth or special detergent.

2. How to clean the cat jumping platform?

Vacuuming your cat regularly is the easiest way to remove cat hair and dust. For stubborn stains, wipe with a slightly damp cloth and make sure the cat jump is completely dry after cleaning. You can use an enzyme cleaner to wipe the velvet surface several times to clean it. Or use a roller to clean, and the surface will become visibly cleaner. Plastic gloves used for dishwashing can also effectively remove surface hair.

3. How to guide Cat Jumping if the cat doesn’t want to play?

If your cat is reluctant to use the cat jumping platform, you can try placing some of your cat’s favorite toys or catnip. Encourage your cat to try multiple times with toys and rewards. Or here are some suggestions :

Try changing the location and placing the cat jump near a window. Cats who like to enjoy the scenery will be attracted to it. Some responses also highlighted that a cat's willingness to use a cat jump may vary depending on their personality or the height of the cat jump.

4. Where can I buy a cat jumping platform?

Cat jumping platforms can be purchased at pet specialty stores, large supermarkets or online stores. Different stores will have different styles and prices. The price usually reflects the quality and design, so it is recommended to compare before purchasing.

5. How high should the cat jumping platform be?

The height of the cat jump should be determined based on your cat's activity level and living space. Generally speaking, a cat jumping platform with three to five floors is enough for most cats. Some recommend that the cat jumping platform should be at least 160 centimeters. Regarding platform spacing, there are some suggestions :

  • General kittens/general adult cats: The distance between the platforms is about 30cm
  • Afraid of heights/short-legged cats/overweight/elderly cats: The distance between platforms is about 18-25cm
  • Larger adult cats: (for example: Norwegian cats, Maine Coon cats, etc.): The distance between platforms is about 35-40cm

6. Can the cat jump platform be recycled?

Some cat jumps are made of materials that can be recycled, such as those made of cardboard. If you wish to recycle, it is recommended to check the local recycling policy first.

7. Where is the cat jumping platform?

The cat jumping platform should be placed in a place where cats frequently move around the home, such as the living room or bedroom. Make sure it is placed in a location that allows enough space and does not interfere with other activities in the home. Here are three recommended placement locations :

  • In front of a window or balcony:
    This allows cats to enjoy the scenery outside, and the height gives them a better view. Multi-level jumping platforms can provide a wider space and reduce friction between cats.
  • Next to tall furniture:
    For example, next to the refrigerator, bookcase or wardrobe, this not only makes it easier for cats to get in and out, but also increases their range of activities. Although cats may already be able to jump to these high places with ease, proper jumping platform placement can provide them with even more convenience.
  • Where the owner usually spends time:
    For example, the sofa, desk or bedside, these are the places cats love to be close to. In fact, cats are very attached to their owners deep down, and the appropriate platform position allows them to proudly show their love for their owners.

8. How much does cat jumping cost?

Cat jumping platform prices vary based on material, size, and design. Generally speaking, the price ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand Taiwan dollars.

9. Do short-legged cats need a cat jumping platform?

Although short-legged cats have shorter legs, they still have the need to climb. Purchasing a cat jumping platform that is suitable for its size can meet its needs for activities and rest.

10. Do cats like cat jumping?

Most cats enjoy climbing and resting in high places, so they usually enjoy cat jumps. However, every cat has unique preferences, so it is recommended that owners choose a suitable cat jumping platform based on the cat’s personality.


Choosing the right cat jumping platform can provide your cat with a safe and comfortable place to rest while also satisfying their natural instincts of exploring and climbing. Hopefully this article has provided you with useful information to help you choose the best cat jumping platform.



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