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Article: IKEA Cat Jumping Platform: Which One Will Your Cat Like?


IKEA Cat Jumping Platform: Which One Will Your Cat Like?

As a cat owner, you may be looking for a suitable play space for your furry child. IKEA is famous for its simple and practical design style. For cat lovers who love this style, IKEA provides many creative options. Some cat owners even use IKEA furniture to create their own cat jumping platform, allowing cats to jump and play to their heart's content. This not only meets the cat's play needs, but also blends well with the home's decoration style.

Renovate IKEA furniture

Because IKEA currently does not have a cat jumping platform product , there are many creative examples in this regard. For example, someone arranged IKEA's Frosta stools along the wall to create a dreamy big tree-shaped cat jumping platform. With just a few simple modifications, you can provide your cat with a playground where he can jump and explore freely.

ikea cat jumping platform

In addition, there are many instructional videos and articles on the Internet about how to use IKEA products to build a cat jumping platform. For example, there is a video on YouTube called "Create a lazy cat jumping platform using IKEA goods", which provides a good example of how to use IKEA products to create a simple and practical cat jumping platform.

In addition to the cat jumping platform, you can also consider using IKEA laminates to create a cat playground , allowing your cat to freely shuttle around the home to satisfy its curiosity and exercise needs.

In addition to using existing IKEA furniture, you can also choose to purchase a specially designed cat house from IKEA . Combining functionality with style, these cat houses are an economical way to add a new toy to your furry child.

Difficulties in making the IKEA cat jump platform

Although there are many advantages to making your own IKEA cat jumping platform, there are also some difficulties and disadvantages that cannot be ignored, such as:

  1. Technical requirements : Certain manual skills and tools are required, and you may encounter difficulties if you lack relevant experience.
  2. Time consuming : A homemade cat jump can take quite a bit of time, especially in the planning and assembly stages.
  3. Safety issues : If improperly made, there may be safety hazards. If it is unstable or has sharp edges, it may harm the cat or family members.
  4. Poor results : The final product may not be as practical or beautiful as expected, and may not fit the decor of your home or your cat’s needs.
  5. Cost Matters : While IKEA furniture is relatively inexpensive, with all the necessary tools and materials, the cost can be higher than expected.
  6. No Guarantee : Compared to purchasing a professionally made cat jumping platform, a homemade cat jumping platform lacks quality assurance and after-sales service.

Other solutions for the IKEA cat jumping platform

After exploring ways to make an IKEA cat jumping platform, if we can’t make it ourselves, are there any other ways?

We compare the similarities and differences between LOVE PET FAMILY products in many aspects. Compare from the following:

design style :

  • IKEA Cat Jump : The main feature of the IKEA Cat Jump is its simple and modern design. With IKEA's unique design, cats can jump and explore on different levels. The IKEA cat jump is also easy to match with other IKEA furniture in your home to maintain a consistent style.
  • LOVE PET FAMILY cat jumping platform (for example, Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform climbing frame ): This cat jumping platform is made of solid wood, has four layers, and contains a space capsule, making it more luxurious and practical. Its design is more refined and can provide your home with extra looks and functionality.

price :

  • IKEA Cat Jumping Platform : Generally speaking, the price of individual parts of IKEA is relatively low, which is why many consumers choose IKEA Cat Jumping Platform. However, making an IKEA cat jumping platform requires certain technical capabilities, tool costs and quality issues, and the subsequent additional costs are difficult to estimate.
  • LOVE PET FAMILY Cat Jump : Although the initial price is higher, its exquisite design and solid wood material can provide a better experience for cats and owners.

Customer Reviews :

  • IKEA Cat Jumping Platform : Because it is a DIY assembly, there is no direct customer feedback, such as whether it is easy to assemble.
  • LOVE PET FAMILY Cat Jumping Platform: The Danish LOMOO Cat Jumping Platform Climbing Frame has multiple reviews and customers are satisfied with its quality and design. "The design and materials are very good and very stable. You get what you pay for. I made a customized model in a large size. The customer service is very good. The home delivery company will also help deliver it upstairs. The installation process took only an hour for this delicate little woman. The installation instructions are also included." Clearly, all in all a pleasant shopping experience. ”

Feature :

  • IKEA Cat Jumping Platform : Provides basic jumping and exploring space, sufficient for cats’ basic needs.
  • LOVE PET FAMILY Cat Jump : With multiple levels and space capsules, it allows cats to have more fun and provides more space for exploration and play.

The following table compares the Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform climbing frame from IKEA and LOVE PET FAMILY:

Features IKEA Cat Jump Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform climbing frame ( LOVE PET FAMILY)
design style Simple and modern Exquisite, solid wood, including space capsule
price Relatively low, but there are technical ability requirements and possible subsequent costs TWD 7,200 (special price)
Customer Reviews unknown Multiple reviews
Feature basic Multi-story, including space capsule


in conclusion

Through the above comparison, it can be seen that LOVE PET FAMILY's Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform climbing frame has its unique advantages in terms of design style, price, customer evaluation and functionality. Especially in terms of design style and functionality, it provides your cat with more space to play and explore, and adds more beauty to your home.

Whether you’re buying a ready-made IKEA cat house, renovating IKEA furniture, or following online tutorials, you can find a solution that’s right for you and your cat. With IKEA products, you can create a comfortable and fun play space for your cat while maintaining a simple and practical decoration style in your home.

But if making an IKEA cat jumping platform is too difficult for you, and you are also worried about subsequent warranty issues, you can choose a cat jumping platform brand with a similar style, exquisite and solid wood style.



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