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Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform|Solid wood|Three layers

Sale price$5,850 TWD Regular price$6,500 TWD

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·Synthetic solid wood non-hollow synthetic board

· Infant-grade material, formaldehyde-free and non-toxic

·Thick and stable, anti-swaying and anti-tipping

· Simple design retains pure needs

· Springboard anti-slip mat is easy to remove and clean

· Add a sense of design to your home space

· Woven linen is scratch-resistant and does not shed lint

· Suitable for ordinary cats or short-legged cats

(Pastoral cat/American short hair cat/British long short hair cat/Ragdoll cat/McChicken/Minuet/Persian cat, etc.)

· Main body 42x60x126 cm

· Base plate 4x60 cm

· Weight resistance 60 kg / Springboard 20 kg

Springboard 1.5x29.5 cm

·Cat bed 42x42x20 cm

· Pillar diameter 11 cm

· Weight 19 kg

· Pillars eucalyptus / laminates oak

·Contains assembly parts and basic tools

· Requires self-assembly

· made in China

· Original one-year warranty

The LOMOO brand classic series is a flat cat jump with an anti-slip scratching pad that can be assembled by yourself in just a few steps. It is designed in a Scandinavian style, achieving a simple and detailed look with natural, unstained wooden poles and cool gray felt pads. contour.

It can be a scratching board, or an upholstered bed that's more comfortable than a sofa corner, and the whole thing combines functionality with comfortable simplicity. From appearance to assembly process, designed to optimize use and versatility. Choose a vertical single-tower structure with dimensions suitable for smaller homes as well as larger living rooms, blending perfectly into every corner of the house.

丹麥 LOMOO 貓跳台爬架|實木|三層 - LOVE PET FAMILY
Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform|Solid wood|Three layers Sale price$5,850 TWD Regular price$6,500 TWD

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承重能力:非常厚重,厚實。完全不用擔心承重問題 是否可拆卸:可拆 清潔難易度:易 設計簡潔,是我看到的貓爬架裡最有設計感的。希望在細節上再想想,如底板視覺效果好,但稍顯硬了,不夠柔軟。而且總擔心會踢到腳。不知道包起來是否影響設計美觀。