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Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform climbing frame|Top solid wood|Including space capsule

Sale price$10,880 TWD Regular price$12,800 TWD


· After the order is placed, the products will be scheduled to be produced and shipped according to the order order. Please allow at least 2-6 working days. Pre-order special products are not in stock, and there may be uncontrollable delay factors in the stocking process. Please allow a flexible delivery time.

·Synthetic solid wood non-hollow synthetic board

·Synthetic solid wood non-hollow synthetic board

· Infant-grade material, formaldehyde-free and non-toxic

·Thick and stable, anti-swaying and anti-tipping

· Simple design retains pure needs

· Springboard anti-slip mat is easy to remove and clean

· Add a sense of design to your home space

· Woven linen is scratch-resistant and does not shed lint

· No need to drill holes in the wall, the structure is stable

· Intelligently increases vertical activity space

· Satisfy cats’ climbing nature

· Suitable for cats of common sizes

(Pastoral cat / American short hair cat / British long short hair cat / Ragdoll cat / Persian cat / Chinchilla, etc.)

· Pillars eucalyptus

· Laminated oak

· Main body height: four layers 160-210 cm/five layers 211-270 cm/six layers 271-320 cm

· Base plate diameter 30 cm

· Weight resistance 80 kg / Springboard 10 kg

· Springboard 1.5x29.5 cm

·Cat bed 42x42x20 cm

· Pillar diameter 11 cm

· Capsule diameter 32 x depth 15 cm

· Weight: 30 kg for four layers/35 kg for five layers/40 kg for six layers

· The capsule also comes with a warm fur pad

·Including assembly parts and basic tools

· Requires self-assembly

· made in China

· Original one-year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Why is there such a huge price difference between commercially available overhead cat jumping platforms ?

Because the cores of cheap cat jumping tables on the market are made of low-cost paper tubes or plastic tubes, they cannot withstand long-term use and lack stability and anti-weight support. After being used for a period of time, the paper tubes will become damp and deform, and the support effect will change over time. If it is poor, it will cause instability or shaking, or even disturbing noises, which is not in line with basic safety. Cats will not dare to use it anymore. Instead, it will sit idle and take up space. It is recommended to choose stable and solid materials. After long-term use, it will save more and be more environmentally friendly.

2. Is there a spring telescopic function on the top?

No. Although the spring telescopic function is easy to install, the anti-weight support is not good. It is recommended to choose one that can be fully bolted and has no elastic telescopic function. It has the best load-bearing capacity and stability.

3. Can I cancel or return the product after booking?

The upright cat jumping platform is specially customized, and the detailed design needs to be tailored to the height of each customer's indoor space. After booking, except for defects that affect use, this customized product cannot be canceled or refunded for any personal reasons, and the 14-day appreciation period service is not applicable.

The LOMOO brand classic series is a flat cat jump with an anti-slip scratching pad that can be assembled by yourself in just a few steps. It is designed in a Scandinavian style, achieving a simple and detailed look with natural, unstained wooden poles and cool gray felt pads. contour.

It can be a scratching board, or an upholstered bed that's more comfortable than a sofa corner, and the whole thing combines functionality with comfortable simplicity. From appearance to assembly process, designed to optimize use and versatility. Choose a vertical single-tower structure with dimensions suitable for smaller homes as well as larger living rooms, blending perfectly into every corner of the house.

丹麥 LOMOO 貓跳台爬架|頂天立地實木|含太空艙 - 高品質貓跳台 - 特價 $TWD 10880|LOVE PET FAMILY
Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform climbing frame|Top solid wood|Including space capsule Sale price$10,880 TWD Regular price$12,800 TWD

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