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South Korea inherited functional cat kennel kennel pet tent

Sale price$7,280 TWD Regular price$9,100 TWD


· After the order is placed, it will be shipped according to the order of the order. Please allow at least 2-6 working days. Pre-order special products are not in stock, and there may be uncontrollable delay factors in the stocking process. Please allow a flexible delivery time.

· The conical structure simulates a nest environment, giving furry children a more secure resting space

· The pure and exquisite design can enhance the quality of your home space when placed anywhere.

· The high-grade curtain fabric has strong light-blocking properties, allowing your furry child to sleep without being disturbed by the outside world.

· The material uses environmentally friendly PP film to increase product quality and durability.

· The inner cushion of the tent is made of 100% pure cotton, which is soft and solid to the touch.

· Textile material is removable and hand washable for easy cleaning

· Ventilation holes at the top of the tent adjust the temperature and humidity of the internal space

· The bottom planks are heavy and the tent is stable and will not collapse.

· The plate-shaped design of the bottom board allows your fur baby to enjoy a secure feeling of coverage inside.

· Product size: 60 (L) x 60 (W) x 65 (H) cm

· Product weight: 5.5 kg

· Product material: pure cotton, environmentally friendly PP film, ash, plywood, TC polyester fiber

· Made in South Korea and China

When it comes to inherited, the first two keywords that come to mind are exquisite pet supplies and the second is fashion and comfort.
From design to production, from large pet home furnishings to small pet products, the quality assurance and eye-catching design have attracted great attention from parents of Korean fur babies. Mastering the practicality necessary for life is also one of our strengths. Thinking, feeling, creating - inherent is good at mastering the characteristics of original materials to design the purest and most durable products, so that humans and pet companions can create happiness and joy in daily life. value.

韓國 inherent 機能貓窩狗窩寵物帳棚 - LOVE PET FAMILY
South Korea inherited functional cat kennel kennel pet tent Sale price$7,280 TWD Regular price$9,100 TWD

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