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Korea Adoptme 6-in-1 multifunctional pet outing backpack|Milk Tea Rice Brown

Sale price$3,690 TWD Regular price$4,800 TWD


· After the order is placed, it will be shipped according to the order order. Please allow at least 2-6 working days. Pre-order special products are not in stock, and there may be uncontrollable delay factors in the stocking process. Please allow a flexible delivery time.

· 6-in-1 design, one pack for multiple uses, saving you unnecessary purchase expenses

· The best golden ratio design is ergonomic and reduces the weight on the body

· The space inside the bag can be expanded arbitrarily, making your furry child comfortable and happy even if you use it for a long time.

· Extremely light and exclusive design to seize the center of gravity

·Multi-level storage space for easy access to items outside

·Bonus The sleeping mat comes with devil’s felt and can be freely installed and disassembled.

· Multi-level storage space is very convenient for taking things outside

· Korean-style simple and high-looking design, perfect for carrying when going out, perfect for turning heads

· The backpack is made of waterproof material and can be wiped directly with a wet paper towel when cleaning.

· It is recommended to wash bags and sleeping pads by hand in warm water and low temperature below 30 degrees.

· Product size: M - 42 ( L ) x 23 ( W ) x 37 ( H ) cm

L-47 ( L ) x 23.5 ( W ) x 41 ( H ) cm

· Product weight: M: 1.4 kg / L: 1.75 kg

· Product load: M: 7 kg / L: 11 kg

· Product material: Bag - polyester fiber/ Sleeping pad - pure cotton

· Special bonus : shoulder strap, sleeping pad for bag

Don't buy me, Adopt Me! Adoptme is a niche quality brand from South Korea that has sold out 8 times. Its product design focuses on Korean simple style. The simple and elegant design and the high quality that are faintly exuded from the inside out are... One of its charms is not only its appearance, but also the details of its products. Adoptme adheres to the brand concept of "human beings and pet companions, improving the quality of life together". Even if there are not many items, through continuous testing and improvement, and striving for excellence, we produce the highest quality products for everyone.

韓國 Adoptme 6合1多功能寵物外出背包|奶茶米棕 - 高品質寵物背包 - 特價 $TWD 3840|LOVE PET FAMILY
Korea Adoptme 6-in-1 multifunctional pet outing backpack|Milk Tea Rice Brown Sale price$3,690 TWD Regular price$4,800 TWD

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我很喜歡 小狗也很喜歡


不管是自己開車還是搭大眾運輸工具 都可以使用 滿意~



Sylvia SW