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Article: PTT Pet Stroller Recommendation Guide: Compilation of recommendations from the PTT community

PTT 寵物推車推薦

PTT Pet Stroller Recommendation Guide: Compilation of recommendations from the PTT community

Pet strollers have become an important part of the daily life of many pet owners, especially those who live in cities. Pet owners in Taipei mentioned that due to limited space, using a pet stroller when going out is not only convenient but also reduces the burden, especially if the pet is unwilling to walk or is heavy. This article combines real user experience and advice from the PTT community to provide a comprehensive and practical guide to recommending pet strollers.

Pet Stroller Benefits Discussed by PTT

  1. Convenience : Many owners say that pet strollers are convenient for traveling with their pets, whether shopping, eating, or driving out for fun. At the same time, for elderly or mobility-challenged pets, pet strollers provide the opportunity to go for a walk.
  2. Space Savings : Some strollers are designed to fold for storage, which is an important consideration for pet owners with limited space at home.
  3. Safety and comfort : Some pet strollers offer safety carabiners to keep your pet safe inside the stroller. At the same time, good suspension system and seat design also increase the comfort of pets.

PTT key features for netizens to consider when purchasing a pet stroller

  1. Stability and durability : Stability is key when purchasing a pet stroller. Choosing a stroller with a sturdy and durable structure will ensure your pet’s safety.
  2. Capacity and weight : Consider the size of your pet and the weight capacity of the stroller. Some strollers are suitable for small dogs, while others are suitable for carrying multiple pets.
  3. Easy to carry and store : For pet owners who frequently use public transportation, it is important to choose a stroller that is easy to fold and carry.
  4. Price : Price is an important consideration. Higher-priced strollers usually offer better quality and features, but there’s also budget to consider.

Recommendations from the PTT community

  1. IBIYAYA brand : IBIYAYA brand pet strollers are widely recommended in the PTT community. Its carrier-style pet strollers are admired for their convenient detachable design and affordable price.
  2. PETSTRO Brand : PETSTRO pet strollers receive rave reviews for their stability and durability. Some users mentioned that PETSTRO's 213A-BST model is priced at more than NT$3,000, which is easy to store and cost-effective.
  3. Ventro 20th Anniversary Limited Edition : While it’s more expensive, its design to accommodate two large dogs at once while providing stability and ease of transport makes it an option worth considering.

Our recommendations meet the needs of PTT netizens

We also found several pet strollers of our own that meet the requirements of PTT netizens. Here are a few recommended options:

Japan's Uppapets High View Double Open Convertible Pet Stroller Aroa Plus (Dawn Black) : This pet stroller has a three-purpose separate basket design, which is very suitable for pet owners who need portability and multi-function. The color is Dawn Black and the price is TWD 5,250.

Japanese Uppapets double-open convertible pet stroller Nero (Earth Brown) : The feature of this stroller is its one-second automatic closing function, making it easier to carry and store. Priced at TWD 6,375.

Common features of these strollers are that they offer high landscaping, a detachable carrier, and easy-to-carry convenience, making them ideal for pet owners in urban environments. The price is also in line with the general budget range of PTT netizens.


The pet stroller is not only a convenient tool for pet owners, but also a way to improve the quality of life of pets. From the experience of the PTT community, we can see that choosing a suitable pet stroller requires considering a variety of factors, including the size of the pet, the stability and portability of the stroller, and price. By combining these factors, pet owners can find the most suitable companion for their pet.


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