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Article: 2024 List of Taiwan Costco, Carrefour, RT-Mart, Quanlian, and Aimai pet stroller regulations

台灣 Costco、家樂福、大潤發、全聯、愛買寵物推車規定一覽

2024 List of Taiwan Costco, Carrefour, RT-Mart, Quanlian, and Aimai pet stroller regulations

Taiwan's large-scale stores, such as RT-Mart, Costco, Quanlian, Aimai and Carrefour, have paid more and more attention to the diverse needs of customers in recent years, especially pet-friendly services.

This article will provide you with the regulations and related information about the use of pet strollers in these hypermarkets, and recommend a pet stroller suitable for shopping malls.

Quick comparison table

Hypermarket name Pet entry rules Pet stroller service special services
Costco Pets are strictly prohibited none none
Carrefour Pets are generally not allowed none Providing "pet hotel" services
RT-Mart Pets are basically prohibited from entering none Pets in crates or strollers are allowed (animals must not be exposed)
Quanlian Pets are expressly prohibited from entering none Some stores provide "pet baskets"
love buying No pets allowed none The service desk provides dedicated cage spaces or "storage areas"

Are pets allowed in hypermarkets?

Whether a hypermarket allows customers to bring pets in depends on the regulations of each store. Some stores may prohibit pets entirely, while others may have specific pet areas or offer specialized pet services.

Things to note when shopping

  • Health and Safety : When considering taking pets to a big box store, customers need to consider the health and safety of other customers.
  • Store Policy : It is recommended that you contact the store to confirm its pet policy before planning a visit.

Further reading

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In this article, we explore why pet strollers are a necessity for some pets and provide a detailed buying guide and comparison of strollers to help you find the best stroller for your furry child.

Costco pet policies and services

Costco in Taiwan has strict regulations on pet policies. Many pet owners may ask: "Can I bring my pet into Costco?" According to the latest information, Costco's answer is a clear "no." Costco firmly does not allow pets to enter its stores, and this policy is implemented consistently in Costco stores across Taiwan.

Costco pet stroller service

Since Costco's regulations prohibit pets, there is no special pet stroller service. This means that pet owners should leave their pets at home or another safe place when shopping at Costco in Taiwan.

These regulations may cause some inconvenience to pet owners, but Costco's policy is based on the food safety and shopping comfort of all customers. Therefore, to comply with regulations and ensure a safe and comfortable shopping environment, please leave your pets behind when planning to shop at Costco.

Carrefour pet related regulations and services

Does the hypermarket Carrefour have pet strollers? Does Carrefour allow pets to shop?

In Taiwan, Carrefour's pet-related regulations mainly focus on ensuring food hygiene and customer comfort. Since Carrefour stores usually sell food, pets are generally not allowed to enter . Carrefour does not have a pet stroller rental service , but Carrefour provides special services for customers shopping with pets to solve this problem.

Carrefour pet hotel service

Due to food safety considerations, pets may not be allowed in some Carrefour stores. But in these branches, Carrefour provides a service called "Pet Hotel", which allows customers to leave their pets in a dedicated area near the service desk during shopping. The service is free and store staff will clean pet cages before and after business each day.

Therefore, if you plan to take your pet to Carrefour for shopping, it is recommended that you understand the relevant policies of the local branch in advance to ensure that your pet can be provided with appropriate care.

RT-Mart pet related regulations and services

According to the information currently found on the Internet, RT-Mart basically prohibits pets from entering stores .

For customers who insist on bringing their pets in, RT-Mart may allow pets to enter the store in cages or pet strollers, but only if the animals cannot expose their bodies. Once this rule is violated, staff may ask customers to leave the store with their pets.

As for RT-Mart’s pet stroller service, no specific information has been found so far.

Quanlian pet related regulations and services

Taiwan's Quanlian Welfare Center is the first choice for many families for daily shopping, but when it comes to shopping with pets, there are some rules that customers need to pay attention to. Recently, some people discovered that a certain pet owner put his dog in a Quanlian store cart, which caused some controversy. This incident highlights the Federation’s regulations on pets entering stores: the Federation has expressly prohibited pets from entering stores .

Quanlian pet basket service

Some Quanlian stores provide "pet baskets" for customers to use, which shows that Quanlian is trying to provide convenience to pet owners to a certain extent. However, these facilities may vary from branch to branch and not all Quanlian branches offer this service .

In general, customers who bring pets into Quanlian shopping need to pay attention to the regulations and notices at the entrance of the store. There are usually clear signs at the entrance of Quanlian that pets are not allowed to enter. This is out of consideration for food hygiene and other customer experience.

Therefore, if you plan to take your pet to Quanlian, it is recommended that you abide by the regulations of the local branch and find other ways to accommodate your pet if necessary.

iShoppet related regulations and services

Information currently obtained from the Internet shows that pets are not allowed to enter the store at Far East iBuy. For customers who need to bring pets, Aimai providesthe option of setting up dedicated cage spaces or "storage rooms" at the service desk .

This means that if customers need to bring their pets to Aimai, they need to leave their pets in these designated areas.

Features of pet strollers suitable for shopping malls

Features reason
Comfortable spaces make pets feel safe Ensure the safety and comfort of pets during the shopping process
Easy to operate and control Makes carts easy to move around the mall
Convenient to move among the crowds Move easily in busy shopping malls
Compact design Does not take up too much space and is suitable for shopping mall environments
Convenient storage Can be easily stored when not in use

We recommend pet strollers suitable for shopping malls

Korea Royaltails Double Opening Tarpaulin Pet Stroller Florence Jumper Plus|Automatic closing in one second|Desert Brown

shopping mall pet stroller

The Royaltails Pet Stroller Florence Jumper Plus is ideal for shopping malls and has the following features:

  1. PET SAFE COMFORTABLE SPACE : This cart provides a safe and comfortable area to keep pets safe while shopping.
  2. Easy to operate and control : Its design makes it easy to move around mall aisles and among crowds.
  3. Easy to maneuver in crowded spaces : The cart should be designed to be easy to navigate in a busy mall environment.
  4. Compact design : This helps in not taking up too much space in shopping malls.
  5. Easy to store : The design of the cart may make it easy to store when not in use.

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