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Article: Pet Stroller Recommendations: Compilation of Opinions on Dcard


Pet Stroller Recommendations: Compilation of Opinions on Dcard

When looking for the perfect pet stroller, pet owners often look for reliable advice and real-world experience. Dcard, as an active online community platform, provides a place for sharing and discussion so that pet lovers in Taiwan can exchange their experiences.

This article has compiled various opinions and suggestions on pet strollers from users on Dcard, from practical functions to design aesthetics, from carrying capacity to convenience for mass transportation. This valuable first-hand information will help you make a wise choice. .

Whether you are looking for a lightweight and easy-to-carry stroller or a high-end pet stroller that is stable and stylish, the user experiences and insights compiled here will provide a reference for your decision-making.

Focused collection of opinions on Dcard

  1. Storage function : Choose a cart with storage function to facilitate carrying drinks and pet supplies.
  2. Detachable design : The detachable stroller allows pets to stay quietly in the cart.
  3. Beautiful design : The beautiful stroller can attract the attention of passers-by and increase social opportunities for pets.
  4. Carrying capacity : Choose a stroller that can carry a lot of weight, especially if you have a large dog.
  5. Breathability : Consider the ventilation and material of the vents, it is important that they are bite-resistant.
  6. Suitable for public transportation : Choose a stroller that can be taken on public transportation for easy travel.
  7. Suggestions for first-time purchase : It is not recommended to choose an overly expensive stroller for the first time. You can start with a cost-effective entry-level model.
  8. Tire quality : Tires should be smooth and durable.
  9. Replaceable parts : Choose a brand with replaceable parts (especially tires) for long-term use.
  10. Motorcycle-friendly : If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, consider choosing a stroller that can be placed on your motorcycle.

A summary of the opinions on AirBuggy on Dcard

  1. Stroller performance : The AirBuggy stroller is so easy to push that it can easily handle even a 15kg Shiba Inu and can even handle stairs after adjusting the angle.
  2. shortcoming :
    • Weight issue : The stroller itself is relatively heavy, which can be troublesome when traveling on public transportation.
    • Not suitable for an environment without an elevator : If there is no elevator, it is not recommended to buy the AirBuggy because the car itself is heavy and it will be very difficult to go up the stairs when you need to hold a cat at the same time.
    • Difficulty in transportation : The cart cannot be disassembled and transported, which increases the difficulty of transportation.
  3. advantage :
    • Stability and comfort : The stroller is very stable, the cabin is spacious, and the overall design is exquisite.
    • Suitable for situations where handling is not required : If the user does not need to carry the cart upstairs, AirBuggy is highly recommended.
  4. Personal considerations : For motorcyclists, the AirBuggy may not be the best choice because the stroller is heavy and difficult to carry. 1

Dcard users’ experiences and thoughts on purchasing pet strollers

  1. Reason for buying : To make pets more comfortable when traveling and avoid the fatigue caused by carrying pets on their backs for long periods of time.
  2. Purchasing criteria :
    • You can get on public transportation and meet the riding regulations.
    • There is a picture window and it is best to have access.
    • Ability to adjust handlebar height.
    • There is storage space.
    • The most important thing is that the stroller is easy to push.
  3. Final choice : I chose Pedeo’s 415P Ark series, which is olive green, meets all needs, and is fast to fold and assemble.
  4. Additional accessories : It is mentioned that you can purchase raincoats, hooks, grip cloths, double iron protective covers and other accessories according to your needs.
  5. Reviews :
    • After using the stroller, you save a lot of energy, especially when you go out for a long time.
    • The stroller is spacious and suitable for pets weighing 5 kg, such as Polo the cat, who can sleep comfortably in it.
    • Separating the cockpit and frame may be a little burdensome for women. 2

Dcard eligible pet stroller

Japan Uppapets High View Double Open Convertible Pet Stroller Aroa Plus|One Car with Three-Purpose Separate Basket|Dawn Black

This pet stroller has the key points mentioned by previous Dcard users, such as being detachable, having storage functions, and being cost-effective.

  • Multifunctional detachable basket : This stroller has the convenience of three-in-one. It can be used as a stroller or as a separate basket to increase the flexibility of use.
  • Fashionable dawn black color : With a trendy appearance, the dawn black color adds a fashionable atmosphere.
  • High-quality material selection : using Oxford cloth with good air permeability, sturdy and durable aluminum frame, high-strength mesh cloth and wear-resistant EVA tires, it is of high quality.
  • Design convenience : lightweight design, equipped with one-touch quick folding function, four-wheel shock absorber system, and front and rear two-way open top design, the cabin space is increased and heightened, providing a better riding experience.
  • Dimensions and load specifications : The unfolded dimensions of the stroller are 63.5 x 55.5 x 104 cm, the folded volume is 55.5 x 26 x 60 cm, and the cabin space is 64 x 34 x 58 cm. The whole vehicle weighs 9 kilograms, and the basket part weighs 4 kilograms. The basket can carry 20 kilograms, and the maximum load-bearing capacity of the whole vehicle is 25 kilograms.
  • Complete additional accessories : A number of accessories are included with the car, including a special rain cover, bag hooks, cup holders, waterproof seat cushions and basket straps, which increase the practicality of the product.
  • Production and Warranty : This product is made in China and comes with a one-year factory warranty.

The sales price of this cart is NT$5,250, which is more cost-effective than the original price of NT$7,000. Based on customer feedback, the product received a high rating of 5 stars, reflecting consumers' great satisfaction with it.

South Korea Rottie double-open convertible air wheel pet stroller Noblesse Dome D|One cart with three separate baskets

This South Korean Rottie double-open convertible air wheel pet stroller Noblesse Dome D also has some of the points mentioned by previous Dcard users and has the following features:

  • Pneumatic tire shock-absorbing function : Pneumatic tires are used to provide good shock-absorbing effect, allowing the stroller to travel smoothly on various terrains.
  • One-touch separation of the cockpit and frame : The cockpit and frame can be separated with one-touch operation, improving usability.
  • One-touch stowing design : The stroller is equipped with a one-touch stowing function. After folding into three folds, it is lightweight and easy to carry and store.
  • Independent pull rod : After the car is closed, it is equipped with its own independent pull rod for easy movement.
  • Ball Wheel Bearing System : The cart is equipped with a ball wheel bearing system, making it easy to maneuver with one hand.
  • Optimized body center of gravity and wheelbase : The design of the body center of gravity and wheelbase is optimized, so that even if heavy objects are hung on the handles, there is no fear of the body tipping over.
  • One-touch foot brake : The brake design is ergonomic and easy to operate.
  • Leather handle design : The handle is made of leather, which is beautiful and feels good, which can reduce hand fatigue during use.
  • Cockpit curtain opening : Cockpit design suitable for cats and dogs, increasing pet comfort.
  • Additional accessories : The vehicle includes 2 safety buckle ropes and an anti-falling rope. In addition, special rain covers, cockpit cushions, and stroller protective covers can be purchased.



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