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Article: A complete guide to recommended cat jumping platforms: selection, placement, and style overview (including a top-notch cat jumping platform)


A complete guide to recommended cat jumping platforms: selection, placement, and style overview (including a top-notch cat jumping platform)

Do you know why cats like to be condescending? Cats’ condescending habit stems from their hunting nature. They like to observe from high places, which provides them with a view and a sense of security. But the refrigerator and wardrobe at home are not the best choices. In order to provide an appropriate climbing space for cats, at this time we will think of cat jumping platforms or cat climbing frames. This article will help you learn how to choose the right cat springboard or cat pole and get the hang of it.

Why buy a cat jumping platform?

Cat jumps, also known as cat trees or cat climbing frames, are large toys designed specifically for cats and are made up of multiple sturdy floors and posts. When there is insufficient vertical space at home, or the cat is heavy, it is especially important to choose a heavy-duty and sturdy cat jumping platform. This not only ensures the safety of cats, but also meets their climbing and activity needs.

Especially in multi-cat households, a sturdy and heavy-duty cat jump can smoothly bear the weight of multiple cats while helping to divide activity areas and reduce friction and conflicts between them.

Cat springboard and cat column: the perfect combination of quality and material

When we talk about cat springboards, weight resistance is undoubtedly the primary consideration. A good cat springboard not only needs to support your cat’s weight, but also withstand the force of their active jumping and playing.

Therefore, looking for a cat springboard with a solid structure and high-quality materials will not only ensure the safety of cats, but also ensure a long service life, allowing owners to obtain higher value returns.

When it comes to cat posts, solid wood designs have become the most popular choice among cat owners. Solid wood not only has natural beauty, but its solid texture also ensures the durability of cat posts.

The design combined with scratching cloth or hemp rope not only increases the cat's interest in using it, but also provides them with an ideal place to sharpen their claws. Especially hemp rope, its rough texture not only satisfies the scratching nature of cats, but also helps protect other furniture in the home from damage.

Cat Jump Selection Guide:

  1. Size : The recommended height of the cat jumping platform should be more than 160 cm in order to provide enough jumping space. ( Recommended cat jumping platform: Meoooow Tsutaya )
  2. Material : The solid wood cat jumping platform is stable and relatively expensive; the velvet cat jumping platform is easy to stain with hair, while the cardboard cat jumping platform is cheap but needs to be replaced frequently.
  3. Cat age : Older cats are suitable for step jumping platforms to avoid increasing joint burden.
  4. Replaceable Parts : Choose cat jumps with removable and replaceable parts for easy cleaning and repair.
cat jump type Upright type Upright type Wall-mounted type-nailed wall type Wall-mounted type-drilling-free wall-mounted fixed type
advantage save space stable stable No damage to the wall
shortcoming The stability is low, and parts will loosen after a period of use, causing instability or abnormal noise. As a result, the cat feels insecure and dare not use it in the future. It is completely idle and takes up space (below we recommend a cat jumping platform that can be improved to solve this problem). Takes up more space damaged wall Lower load capacity
Recommended groups Limited Space Cat Friends Multi-cat household Don't mind decorating Renters

Placement skills:

In front of windows and balconies : increase the cat’s enjoyment of observing the outside world.
Next to large furniture : Provide cats with more climbing opportunities.
Areas where owners are often present : maintain a comfortable distance.

    How to design and place a cat jumping platform?

    Consider the overall home style : When you choose a cat jumping platform, in addition to functionality, you can also consider whether its design matches the decor of your home. For example, if your home has a minimalist style, you can choose a solid wood cat platform with simple lines; if it is a retro style, a velvet or retro pattern cat platform may be more suitable.

    Utilize Space Corners : Sometimes, some corners of space in your home may not be easy to utilize, such as under the stairs or a small corner in the living room. Using these spaces to set up a cat jump or cat climbing frame not only saves space, but can also become a highlight of the home.

    Safety Considerations : Make sure the cat jump, cat climbing frame or cat post is located away from hazards such as stoves, open flames or breakable objects. Also, make sure the cat jump is securely fastened to prevent it from tipping over when your cat jumps.

    Install steps and platforms : Especially for older cats or kittens, steps can make it easier for them to climb up and down, avoiding excessive stress on their joints. The platform provides a place for cats to relax and rest.

    Consider sunshine : Most cats like to bask in the sun, so setting it up in a sunny place will be more popular with cats. But also make sure that the sun won’t be too strong in summer, causing the cat to overheat.

    Additional functions : Today’s cat jumping platforms are becoming more and more diverse in design. In addition to the basic climbing and jumping functions, there are also many additional functions, such as toys, hidden holes, hooks, etc., which can increase the entertainment for cats.

    Routine maintenance and cleaning of cat jumping platform

    After purchasing the perfect cat jump, the work isn’t over yet. To ensure your cat's health and the jump's durability, routine maintenance and cleaning are essential.

    Check the structure regularly : Since cats will often jump and play on the jump platform, the safety of the structure is important. It is recommended to check once a month to make sure all screws, hooks and fasteners are secure.

    Clean the cat jumping platform : Cats tend to shed hair or bring dust when playing. To ensure cleanliness, it is recommended to vacuum at least once a week. For jumping platforms made of velvet, you can use a roller brush or hair cleaning tool to clean them. Solid wood or other easy-to-clean materials, just wipe with a damp cloth.

    Replace worn parts regularly : Some parts of the cat jumping platform, such as the twine claw grinding posts, may become worn due to frequent use by cats. For your cat's safety and comfort, it is recommended that these parts be inspected and replaced regularly.

    Avoid using harmful cleaners : When cleaning a cat jump, make sure the cleaner you use is safe for cats. Avoid using strong or toxic cleaners as they may be harmful to your cat.

    Air circulation : Especially in humid environments, making sure there is good air circulation where the jump platform is located can prevent mold and odors.

      How does the cat jumping platform integrate with home style?

      For many families who raise cats, a cat jumping platform is indispensable, but how to integrate this large cat toy with the home decoration to form a harmonious home style?

      Choose a color that matches the style of your home : If your furniture is dominated by wood tones, choosing a cat jump in a similar tone will work perfectly. Similarly, modern-style homes are suitable for simple or black and white cat jumps.

      Take advantage of hidden designs : Some innovative cat jumps or cat climbing frames are designed to look like bookshelves, TV cabinets or other furniture, which can serve as play facilities for cats without breaking the harmony of the home.

      Beautify the appearance of the platform : You can choose some decorative cat posts or attach some cute little hangings and toys to make it more attractive and blend in with the surrounding décor.

      Smart considerations for placement : Choose a relatively hidden corner where cats can still enjoy the sun to place the cat jumping platform. This way, it will not become the main visual focus of the home, but it can still meet the needs of the cat.

      Multifunctional cat jumps : Today, some cat jumps are not only designed for cats, but also have storage functions or space for home decoration. This not only makes the jump more practical, but also makes it more integrated with other furniture in the home. .

        Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform

        Upright style

        Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform|Solid wood|Four layers


        Compared with the characteristics of the previously described cat jumping platform, the LOMOO cat jumping platform has the following matching features:

        1. Simple design : This cat jumping platform chooses Scandinavian style, which is a very simple and elegant design, suitable for modern homes, emphasizing practicality and beauty. The simple design allows it to blend perfectly with any decorative style in the home, which is also a factor that many cat owners will consider when choosing a cat jumping platform.
        2. Versatility : The LOMOO Cat Jump is more than just a jump, it combines a scratching post with a comfortable padded bed. This versatility is something cats especially appreciate.
        3. Easy to assemble : It can be assembled by yourself in just a few steps, which is very suitable for modern people's busy life pace.
        4. Suitable for various spaces : It is not only designed for large spaces, it can be placed well even in small apartments.
        5. Quality and materials : The use of natural, undyed wooden poles and felt pads not only ensures the durability of the product, but also ensures the comfort of the cat.

        Indomitable style

        Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform climbing frame|Top solid wood|Including space capsule

        This Danish LOMOO cat jumping platform is a floor-to-ceiling cat jumping platform that saves space and has the following features:

        1. Adjustable height : divided into four-layer (height 160-210 cm), five-layer (height 211-270 cm), and six-layer (height 271-320 cm) designs to adapt to different indoor spaces.
        2. Stable structure : ensures the safety of cats when climbing and jumping.
        3. Space capsule included : Provides a fun space for cats to rest and observe.
        4. Simple design : blends into the home environment, suitable for modern interior decoration.
        5. Easy to assemble : Provides required components and guides, no need to drill holes in the wall, convenient for users to assemble by themselves.

        Overcoming the shortcomings of cat jumping platform

        As mentioned earlier, the shortcoming of the in-ground cat jumping platform is its low stability, but we have specially selected products to solve this problem.

        The advantage of this product is that it is made of stable and durable synthetic solid wood material , which is in sharp contrast to the cheap, easy-to-deform cat jumps made of paper tubes or plastic tubes commonly found on the market. This design not only improves the stability and load-bearing capacity of the product, but also maintains its structural integrity for a long time, preventing cats from using it due to shaking or abnormal noise.

        In addition, its non-spring retractable design further enhances stability and safety , making this cat jump a long-term and environmentally friendly home choice.

        Not only does it provide a space suitable for cats to climb and rest, but its simple design style can also be easily integrated into various home environments. Coupled with its adjustable height and sturdy structure, this cat jumping platform can meet the needs of cats of different sizes and mobility, making it an ideal choice.

        in conclusion

        For cats, the jumping platform is not only a place to play, but also their private space. When choosing the right cat jump, cat climbing frame or cat post, there are many factors to consider in design and placement, from your cat's needs to the style of your home. A proper cat jumping platform can not only meet the cat's climbing and playing needs, but also add a touch of beauty to the home. I hope these tips help you create the perfect play space for your furry little one!



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